08 | 04 | 2020

About Kohlenfresser

In 1887 the cruizer corvette S.M.S. Irene was launched at AG Vulcan in Stettin. After a short period in use the Irene was temporarily decomissioned 1890 and recomissioned again after a reconstruction in 1894. She was then assigned to the eastasia cruizer division. According to Michael Till Heinze she was called a kohlenfresser (coal glutton) by the chief of the eastasia cruizer division.

As my grandgrandfather was sailing the seas as a Obermaschinenmaat (petty officer second class) on this ship during two time periods (amongst others during the boxer uprise) the S.M.S. Irene as well as the other ship my grandgranfather was on duty, the S.M.S. Beowulf, are the topics this website deals with.

Another coal (in terms of money) glutton topic is the ship modelbuilding with respect to the following ships:

  • a still not finished mahogany Typhoon runabout from Dumas
  • a dual cockpit mahogany runabout from the no longer existing company Sterling models
  • as well as some "yoghurt cups" from the beginning of my modelbuilding career

Have fun with browsing kohlenfresser.de